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Special Services

Services for patients being treated with chemotherapy and radiation

When you are fighting cancer through chemotherapy and radiation your teeth are probably the last thing on your mind. While it helps treat the cancer it’s side effects in the mouth can be serious.To help prevent serious problems it is recommended to see a dentist at least two weeks prior to starting chemotherapy or radiation. We want to help you to keep your teeth healthy through this difficult time. To accomplish this we have developed a specific protocol for our patients battling cancer.


How does chemotherapy affect my mouth?

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. These drugs kill cancer cells, but they may also harm normal cells, including cells in the mouth. Side effects include problems with your teeth and gums; the soft, moist lining of your mouth; and the glands that make saliva (spit).

It's important to know the side effects.

The side effects can hurt and make it hard to eat, talk, and swallow. You are more likely to get an infection, which can be dangerous when you are receiving cancer treatment. If the side effects are bad, you may not be able to keep up with your cancer treatment. Your doctor may need to cut back on your cancer treatment or may even stop it.

  • Painful mouth and gums
  • Dry mouth
  • Burning, peeling, swelling
  • Infection
  • Altered taste sensation

How do I stop it and when should I consult Dr. Prill?

Prevention is the key and come in for your evaluation prior to starting treatments.

What should I do if my teeth were not healthy to begin with?

Any extractions should be done first- extractions after radiation can be very problematic, all decay must be removed, and follow a strict cleaning schedule. You are now much more prone to teeth problems.

What about the bacteria in my mouth, is that bad?

Bacteria of the mouth has been shown to have effects on diabetes, heart disease, low birth weight babies, still born infant death, Many other subjects are in research. Your immune system is compromised and it is best that we decrease the number of bad bacteria in your mouth.

What can I do about the DRY mouth and painful mouth sores?

You can do a lot to keep your mouth healthy during chemotherapy. The first step is to see a dentist before you start cancer treatment. Once your treatment starts, it's important to look in your mouth every day for sores or other changes. These tips can help prevent and treat a sore mouth.

Keep the mouth moist through:

  • Water
  • Xylitol gum
  • Ice chips
  • Sugar-free candy
  • Biotene saliva substitute
  • Avoid cinnamon tooth paste.

Remember To:

  1. Visit your dentist before your cancer treatment starts.
  2. Take good care of your mouth during treatment.
  3. Talk regularly with your cancer doctor and dentist about any mouth problems you have.
  4. Follow these steps in order to help prevent any prolonged problems down the road.

Dental Clearance for Bisphosponate Therapy
A form that briefly states information pertaining to bisphosponate therapy and information that will help us better facilitate your needs.


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