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Total Comfort

Total patient comfort is our priority. From the moment you step into the office, you will feel at home. The office feels like you are relaxing in a friend's living room. The glass-pane doors give a feeling of openness, yet a private consultation room allows one to shield private matters behind closed doors.

Our treatment rooms are designed with your Total Comfort in mind. A wall-mounted flat screen television entertains you with the channel of your choice.  And yes, cartoons for the kids!  Our multi-position chairs will have you ready for a quick nap. Please enjoy our complimentary beverage station including water or coffee as well as healthy snacks. 



  • Digital X-rays: Radiation reduction, no wait, better patient comfort and more diagnostic quality
  • Flat-screen Televisions: Located in every room to view media like our new DVD movie selection
  • The Wand:  Computer administer anesthetic for painless injections
  • Intra-oral Camera: In each operating room so that you can see what I am seeing
  • Diagnodent:  Digital laser that finds cavities when they are very small and can be stopped early – sometimes with no numbing needed. This laser identifies decay that the x-rays and explorer tool can not.
  • Paperless charts:  Protect your information on our secure server. Backed up daily.



Patient Information

How to care for your mouth following your oral surgery:

  • Apply pressure to the site by biting on gauze for 30-45 minutes until bleeding has slowed. Once gauze is soaked with saliva or blood change it for a fresh one. Discontinue using gauze when bleeding has stopped.

  • No rigorous rinsing, sucking through a straw, spitting or smoking for 48 hours, otherwise a painful dry socket may form.

  • Ice any swelling for 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

  • A soft diet is recommended, avoid spicy, tart, citrus and milk-based foods and drinks.

  • Stay hydrated with fluids.

  • No vigorous exercise for 24 hours.

  • Warm salt water rinses after 48 hours

  • Take all medications as prescribed (note pain medication is not refilled).

  • Call the office with questions or concerns.


How to care for your new dentures:

  • Remove them before bed and brush them every night and morning.

  • Soak them at night in Efferdent to prevent tartar formation.

  • Do not use bleach, Listerine, Scope or any non-denture-approved solution.  Dentures are porous, and these liquids will discolor your dentures.

  • Your dentures are made slightly longer than necessary to provide surface for customizing them to your mouth.  Expect some soreness as we customize your dentures during your three (3) adjustment visits which are one (1) week apart.  You are provided three (3) adjustments as part of the treatment, and any additional adjustment visits will be charged separately.  


How to care for your temporary crown:

  • Avoid flossing in this area.

  • Avoid sticky, gooey foods, like gum and caramel. Also avoid hard foods and biting into hard foods. 

  • If your temporary comes dislodged or displaced, rub it with alcohol, dry the area and place it back on the tooth with non-whitening toothpaste or Fixodent. Call the office to have it placed back during normal business hours.

  • If you experience pain that wakes you up at night or is provoked by biting, call our office.


Locations Served

Signature Smile Family Dentistry serves Viera, Rockledge, Cocoa, and all surrounding areas.
We are conveniently located just north of the Barnes / Murrell intersection in a free-standing building next to the Sherwin Williams paint store.

Full range of dental services, bridges, crowns, whitening, extractions, fillings, crowns all with painless dentistry for families, children and individuals.

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