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Being a mother herself, Doctor Prill understands that selecting the right doctor is important. Doctor Prill will always give your child the special attention and caring that he or she needs.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend that they first tag along for one of your cleanings at about age 2 to sit on your lap. Then for their own appointment at age 3.

What should I do before my first visit?

Start dialog with your child about cavity bugs. How they love to eat the sugar in candy and treats and that you brush them away with your tooth brush and down the sink they go. How if they don’t brush then the bugs stick around and dig holes in their teeth. Visit this recommended website to provoke interest from the child which will foster cooperation.

What should I expect for their first visit?

Your child's first visit to our office will be an introduction to all of our cool gadgets and gizmos. They will have their first low radiation digital X-rays and a gentle cleaning. Doctor will check all of the teeth for cavities and discuss brushing and flossing in a way your child can understand. We will also scan the teeth with our digital laser to check for small cavities that the eye can't see. Mom and dad are allow in the back for this visit. To build your child's confidence, trust and to deter unwanted behavior they will come for other dental care unassisted while mom or dad listens from the waiting room.

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